Communication Skills 

Effective communication is essential in journalism. With every story I produce I seek to report the facts in a clear and engaging way for my audience. It is important that my audience not only understand the information presented but for my storytelling to leave an impact. My communication skills extend beyond my journalistic work. I am able to communicate instructions, thoughts and ideas to my peers in a way that helps advance the work environment.

Teamwork Skills

As a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., my chapter and I must not only work with each other but with other chapters around the city. We have been tasked with service projects, campus events and planning our regional conference. My sorority has strengthened my teamwork skills by placing me in a working environment with women from various backgrounds with different personalities. Working with a team has taught me new ways of communicating with others as well as emotional intelligence.

Motivation & Initiative 

My passion for journalism motivates me to give the utmost effort in my coursework and other projects. I am always searching for new opportunities to demonstrate the skills I’ve learned in print or video journalism. Whether in class or at my internship site I am never afraid to take the initiative to take on a new project or story. My effort has gained the attention of my professors and coworkers. With any task I aim to demonstrate my ambition, hard work and professionalism.

Computer Skills 

In journalism it is an important skill to be technologically savvy. Through my coursework I have learned how to use a number of software programs such as Final Cut Pro 7, Adobe Premiere, InDesign and Audacity. Learning these programs has made me a better-rounded journalist because I can work with various media including video, audio, social media and websites.


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