Senior Internship-Folio Weekly

These are links to work I have done over the course of my internship at Folio Weekly, a magazine in Jacksonville, Fla.

Our Picks are summaries of arts and entertainment events that are happening in Jacksonville and the surrounding areas. I was given one or two to write each week. These can be found in the print version of Folio Weekly as well as its website The name of the events I wrote about are in parenthesis.

Our Picks: May 23 (Huggy Lowdown and Chris Paul Comedy Show)

Our Picks: May 28 (Never Quit)

Our Picks: June 3 (Jacksonville Foodfight)

Our Picks: June 11 (Les Miserables)

Our Picks: June 17 (Ladies Arm-Wrestling Competition, St. Augustine Music Festival)

Our Picks: June 24 (The Science and History of Wine)

Our Picks: July 8 (Photojournalism Panel)

Our Picks: July 16 (Summer Performance, The Wiz)

Our Picks: July 29 (TedxJacksonville Community Salon)

Our Picks: August 6 (Cummer Museum Environmental Festival)

Blogs written during my time at Folio Weekly were either assigned to me or topics I picked based on their newsworthiness. The blogs mostly cover arts and entertainment events in Jacksonville and the surrounding areas.

This blog is an opinion piece on Jacksonville’s Jazz Festival. It highlights the good, the bad and the long walk through Downtown Jacksonville.

Blog: Groovin’ to Jazz Fest

Girls Rock Jacksonville is a non-profit organization that holds a summer camp where girls can learn to play instruments and form their own band. They are currently in search of a permanent location for the camp so they can increase their programming.

Blog: Girls Rock Seeks Permanent Home

This piece is what’s called a “live blog.” Live blogs recap an event and feature interviews and photos of the people who were there. Downtown Jacksonville’s Southlight Gallery celebrated its fifth anniversary with their Member’s Choice and Reunion exhibits that featured local artists such as Jeffrey Luque and Lois Newman.

Blog: Southlight Gallery Celebrates Fifth Anniversary with Two New Exhibits

This is a “preview blog.” This event was already featured as an Our Pick but I decided it could use a little more attention. These types of blogs are designed to give the audience a look into what an event will entail. This is a preview of the 7th Annual Black Arts Festival held by Jacksonville theater company, Stage Aurora.

Blog: Stage Aurora Kicks off Black Arts Festival Friday


The Eye features photos of event-goers and can be found at Though Folio Weekly doesn’t post The Eye as much as they used to, I thought it would be a fun idea to have some photography clips on my portfolio.

These photos were taken at the July 2 Art Walk in Downtown Jacksonville. This is a great location for photography because there’s plenty to do and see.

The Eye: First Wednesday Art Walk- July 2


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